by ROLAND WHITE CBN Feature Writer


Delectable Cuisine Prepared by Chef Kevin Linde at Pronghorn


Central Oregon Locavore (COL) unites food enthusiasts with the local farming community by creating unique eating experiences and serving local agricultural products prepared by the best chefs in the High Desert.



by RENEE PATRICK Cascade Business News Feature Writer


Volcanic rocks, minerals and clays have incredible detoxifying properties. By absorbing toxins and environmental pollutants, the natural substances promote healing. Lava Love is a new company which has integrated these three volcanic elements into a range of products including soap, facial masks and bath powders.

by GREGG Morris CBN Feature Writer


Structures are economical & durable with recycled steel requiring no permitting.


In the 19th century, shepherds tending to grazing sheep in Southern England needed shelter to shield them from the unforgiving weather. The structures, called shepherd’s huts, became a versatile, mobile solution to the worker’s problem. They included a kitchen, dining area, living area, bedroom as well as storeroom for tools. Each hut was finished off with a wood stove, a bed and two small windows.

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