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For over decade, up until two years ago, Bend resident Calvin Andrus lived the quintessential Central Oregon life. He worked construction and dreamed of ways to change careers. His first business venture was a video production company called, 4Locked Films. Alongside a few business partners, Andrus released two full length DVDs documenting motor-sports enthusiasts and their travels. A change in the media market led to the company’s eventual demise, but left Andrus undeterred in looking for a change in employment.

by BILL DAHL CBN Feature Writer


Daring Business Model


Helen Keller wrote in The Open Door: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.


77¢ or $1: Your gender dictates the price.


Why should gender dictate the cost of this cookie asks The American Association of University Women? Is that fair – is that equity? “He” and “She” each have a position with the same responsibilities. “He” and “She” each have the same education and work experience.

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